Why Luxury-Lab?

Creating a custom jewelry design is the perfect way to take an idea and make it a reality. It doesn’t matter how detailed your original vision is, a member of our team will work through every aspect of the design process with you – from a very basic concept to the creation of your stunning new piece.

You’ll be able to create your very own piece that’s truly unlike any other.

Feel free to contact us for a quote.

Our Skills

3D Design

Your jewelry will be designed in a CAD 3D jewelry program so it is made just like the picture you give us. We communicate with you every detail of the project.


Your pendant, chain, ring or bracelet can be made of Real Gold, 925 Silver, Brass or Stainless Steel metal. All materials will be plated and the product will not tarnish.


We can handle any type of stones. You can choose any shape, size a color.

The most customers choose CZ’s. We provide the best quality lab made diamond simulants that look like real diamonds. Our stones are made in a laboratory with the clarity of VS diamonds and are laser cut just like real diamonds. Without the latest testing equipment, it is very hard to tell real diamond jewelry from our lab made diamond jewelry.


Brass and sterling silver products will be plated with Rhodium or Gold. This way the jewelry will not tarnish and keep shining all the time.

Micro Pave Setting

Micro Pave jewelry is the latest in high end jewelry. Each piece features lab created diamonds that are handset individually. Each stone is not larger than 1mm in diameter resulting in a highly reflective surface for that ultimate bling expression.

After Sales Service

As a part of our exceptional customer service, every piece of jewelry we create comes with a lifetime after sales service. We will repolish any scratches from the surface or repair stone settings.