ordination with law enforcement

Encourage birds to come serenade your mum with this bumper box of avian treats. BoxWild sells a range of gift boxes for birds and hedgehogs, but this seed heavy set is just the ticket for bumper springtime feeding. The box is packed with three packs of seedy mixes enough to sate the pickiest tit, along with a nicely crafted apple holder for fruit treats and a stainless steel seed scoop.

Southport and the surrounding Boothbay peninsula boast miles of picturesque, quintessential Maine coastline and if you like boating, easy hikes, antiquing, eating lobster and gawking at natural beauty, plenty to do and see (look for a Maine Mini Adventure there from me soon). There a small but reliable Hannaford, a couple of good local markets and, somewhat surprisingly, an olive oil shop called Eventide. But over the years I found that what Boothbay and many other communities on the Maine coast lack is a good fish market..

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Tel: 0844 800 0410.The Knowle Green Luncheon Concert Series: Different professional musicians each week. Cakes, real coffee and a delicious two course lunch afterwards. A lovely afternoon in a beautiful setting. On Saturday, Cal had its most commanding game of the tournament, defeating No. 20 St. Francis, 17 0.

Team president Kevin Mather said that Martinez’s number will be officially retired Aug. 12 as part of a weekend celebration. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)Seattle Mariners former designated hitter Edgar Martinez smiles as he speaks at a news conference announcing the retirement by the team of his jersey number 11, Tuesday, Jan.

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