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Calipari could look inside the state of Kentucky to fill out his 2017 class, and though there are no indications that he’s visiting anyone from the Bluegrass over the next few days, it wouldn’t be a shocker. One possible candidate: Lexington’s own Taveion Hollingsworth, a 6 2 guard who led Paul Laurence Dunbar to the state title and won Sweet Sixteen MVP honors last season. Hollingsworth told the Herald Leader last year that UK would be a “dream offer” for him.

The organization is part of a draw zone including municipalities from Beaumont to Thorsby, and as far away as Hinton and Ponoka. With an average of two games a week and up to three practices, playing wholesale jerseys in the triple A league requires a lot of commitment on behalf of the staff, players, and parents, he said. The teams used to obtain their funding through bingos, but as those resources have begun to dry up, the LJAC has started to rely on titled corporate sponsorship and casinos to generate the required revenue, Fraser said.

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Earlier that day we got to see our newly completed live DVD from our StudioZ show in February, and we are psyched. We made a flash animation teaser with stills from the show, and have screenshots on our website. Next week we doing another photoshoot and then three shows over a one week period at the end of the month.

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