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We are looking at a 2:1 ratio of contributors to beneficiaries and it is worsening. Its a complete joke. And we haven even started into public pensions across the country, they are in similar shape.. Since the 2003 championship, and with the SEC/CBS deal, we played a lot more games at 2:30 pm. I don think this has hurt attendance, especially since these games are against rivals and generally carry division/conference/national championship implications, but I do hear a lot of people griping about these early kickoffs. Plus, it hot as hell at 2:30 pm in south Louisiana..

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Ask NDSU if they are a participation trophy. Ask the Utah that beat Bama how they feel about it. Upsets happen often enough for the little guy to believe. If it looks like Johnson is the guy then you may want to start him over Pittman. Arizona defense is not that good, and their offense is such that they could put up some points. I think that Oregon will play hard well into the 4th quarter, if not the entire game.

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