This is the next fact you need to acceptThe last one is that

We had a couple films from last year and prepared like any other game. We knew they were bad but prepared like they improved in the offseason (they got worse). The coaches didn seem cocky or anything so we were level headed going into it. Okay, so I can probably change your view (or at least help articulate ours) just by reading this first sentence. Hosts have always had the ability to proactively discount longer stays such as one week, or one month by a set %. So hosts looking to attract more reliable longer term guests have already considered this, and set their rates.

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I hear what you’re saying, and I won’t deny he has his moments. But when you say he’s more consistent than Fitzmagic, I’d contend that what’s consistent about him is his inaccuracy, poor decision making, and lack of results. He’s got more interceptions than any other QB since he entered the league, and that’s not a statistical aberration.

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We mentioned the possibility of wanting to schedule a structural inspection and maybe have an insect inspector of some sort out, and the owners got really bent out of shape about the insect one in particular. Just putting up a lot of ridiculous straw man cheap jerseys shop review arguments against it. The woodpecker hole thing, I still have no idea what that actually indicates, but holy shit their reaction to the idea of an insect inspection made me pretty damn sure they either had termites or ants..

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