There are so many events that you are bound to find something

about his Besides kid Icarus, I’ve never even heard of most of the ones in your post. I’ve got to be honest here though, when it comes to the debate over what is and is not a metroidvania, I like lists to error on the side of inclusion. That way, there is a chance I would see a game and play it that otherwise I wouldn’t know exists.

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What I did was brush up on my computer science skills by taking some python classes. I also worked in a lab that was focused on computational biology, where I was able to get hands on skills that would help me in grad school. I think that teaching yourself python would make you an attractive candidate.

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So when the goblins attack you got at least one dismounted PC, probably the party rogue, who is far from the others and alone. In that context I can totally see the goblins firing a volley then having two charge forward to quickly finish off the one separated from the herd. And with the dead horses in the road the cart isn getting by anyway..

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It’s okay. A lot of the food are just insta styled dishes that are alright, but not amazing. That coconut shrimp place for example, decent shrimp, but the ridiculous charge for the pineapple? Just so people can walk round and take pictures of it when they know half of them are rock hard unripe pineapples.

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