In seven games, he scored a goal and added a pair of assists;

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wholesale jerseys cheap jerseys 18.In seven games, he scored a goal and added a pair of assists; his 5.9 shooting percentage is below his career percentage of 9.4 per cent, suggesting he was unlucky not to have lit the lamp at least once more.By the eye test, he was playing well for the Canucks and the underlying numbers back that up: the Canucks were controlling nearly 60 per cent of the total shot attempts while he was on the ice.The only other player on the roster who currently is waiver exempt is Adam Gaudette, but the team seems happy enough to keep playing him as the fourth line centre, even with Jay Beagle return to the lineup.Twice now in two days the Canucks have moved on from offensively minded players; Brendan Leipsic was lost on waivers to the Los Angeles Kings. Leipsic didn play a lot, but a good portion of his time was also on Bo Horvat wing. Like Gagner, his underlying numbers were good and in his case there wholesale jerseys markets was also a bit of bad luck when it came to how much the puck was going in the Canucks net but he only scored twice in 17 wholesale winter jerseys games.As currently constructed, the Canucks are looking to run two scoring lines and two more defensively oriented lines; with Sven Baertschi now on a course that could see him back in the lineup sooner rather than later, barring another injury, another roster move will have to happen.. cheap jerseys

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