Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians President Dr Tariq

8MbAbstractThe objective of this work was to grow doped ZnO by spray pyrolysis at low temperature. They were decomposition by miramolecular, mtermolecular, thermolysis and hydrothermolysis processes. The growth of doped ZnO in glass and plastic at low temperature using InChl(_3) as a dopant yielded conducting films.

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steroids for men He said laws against quackery were there but implementation was very poor, which let culprits escape punishment.Therefore, it is the need of the time to amend the laws to make them effective in a true spirit. He also said the Punjab government was also bringing the Drug Act in the assembly to take action against heinous business of spurious medicines in the province.PHC Director Complaints Prof Dr Riaz Tasneem said the PHC had been receiving complaints against quackery from all over the province, which were being addressed accordingly.Pakistan Academy of Family Physicians President Dr Tariq Mahmood Mian said that quacks were giving strong antibiotics and steroids to patients, which treated diseases within one day, but the medicines were leaving a strong impact in the form of drug reaction and a possibility of antibiotics becoming ineffective for the patients in near future.Therefore steroids steroids, he suggested the sale of medicines at medical stores solely on prescription of qualified doctors. He also demanded the government to enforce a ban on advertisement by fake doctors steroids steroids, hakeems, aamils and sellers of aphrodisiac on electronic as well as print media in the country.PMA President Dr Tanveer Anwar and General Secretary Dr Kamran Sheikh urged the government to deal with quacks with an iron hand.chief minister should lead the campaign against quackery as he has done against the epidemic of dengue, they added.He expressed the views during a roundtable conference on “Quackery, its damage, and how to prevent it?” under the aegis of the Mir Khalil ur Rahman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers) in collaboration with the Punjab Healthcare Commission here at a local hotel.Khawaja Salman Rafiq said that quackery had taken whole society in its grip, which was destroying lives of poor patients, adding that legislation and its strict implementation would help tighten the noose around the enemies of humanity.Health Secretary Jawad Rafiq Malik said the Punjab Health Department had devised a strategy and formulated a clear roadmap keeping in view the existing laws, which would lay a strong hand on fake doctors and help curb the evil.He said that the law recommended five year rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1 million for culprits involved in quackery steroids for men.

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