Davis / Dean / SMB look like they could be the answer to our

virginia governor seeks bill replacing lee statue in capitol

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That would speed things up and allow you to enjoy more of the plot rather than the gameplay, which is admittedly outdated and clunky as you said. It a relatively quick game and if you enjoy the story but hate the gameplay then you can run through it super quick on easy. Finally, if you really aren feeling the first game then I would advise you to just read or watch a brief synopsis of the plot and skip to the second game, which is better in just about every possible way and is way more likely to grab your attention..

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Nagy has basically been the mirror image of what the Ravens have done. Even when things work doing it the other way, he continues to try and force feed his scheme to putrid results. If he hadn finally learned it after the Cowboys game and heading into this game, then I don think he ever learn..

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