Everyone that interviewed me when is on my team

Incompetence is never tolerated when $$$ are on the line. Rubes have been marketed VAR is about “fairness”, while the motives are pretty clear it was intended to introduce game breaks into a the only sport in the world that has none. Ask yourself, what other broadcast on TV goes 48 minutes without a break? That’s a lot of licensing fees these media companies are paying for TV rights.

I like the Bengals to win in a low scoring affair. I think the Texans could put up a late score to make it 21 16 or some BS spread buster. I have the Bengals at 4 ( 110), but I got it on Monday and the line has since moved 2 2.5 crucial pts (especially in a low scoring affair)..

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All the guys are going to miss him for sure. Is the third trade between Cleveland and Utah in the past three years. Previous deals involved Rodney Hood and Kyle Korver.. If you want to test whether you’ve got the knowledge to call yourself a true fan of the sport, this is the quiz to do it in. Will you need to go do your research by the end, or could you become one of the people who work with these great men. Take this quiz to find out..

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