I wanted to cook, clean, be the perfect wife and mother but

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Is economic idiocy that anyone with half a brain and understanding of economic incentives wouldn want. More people would stop working and more people would vote for increasing UBI. Paying people to not work is an emotional policy and not one based on increasing the wealth of a society.

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I think Biden or Harris get a narrow canada goose online uk fake victory by regaining the northeast. O’rourke wins if he can keep his positive image and not engage with his past, policy, or go overboard on the cheesiness. Warren could win if she sticks to her anti corruption message.

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During this time I slipped into a significant depression. I wanted to cook, clean, be the perfect wife and mother but just existing was like barely holding my head above the water. I couldn’t do it. “Hello, is something wrong?” She asked a student a couple meters away in the front row. The student was a color shifting reptilian, currently a dull purple, a clear sign of nervousness. The student blinked a soft blue in acknowledgement before turning back to the dull purple and gesturing towards the back right corner of the room.

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