“Truth still matters in journalism and isn’t that good news

Always wanted to take the train across Canada. It spectacular. I like the leisurely pace and meeting new people, Nadeau says. These profiles give you a real life glimpse into other professionals thought processes and approaches to the broad range of business activities that agency heads must master. These profiles are valuable since most agencies in the country (and around the globe) are small medium sized agencies. Few have the luxury of professional HR, IT, R and other business infrastructure departments..

canada goose outlet SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileJustice Jo’Anne Strekaf awarded Kent $200,000 in general damages $150,000 in general damages from Martin and Postmedia and another $50,000 from Postmedia for continuing to keep Martin’s column online.’Highly critical’ Arthur Kent rebuttal rejected, hears court in defamation trialArthur Kent defamation trial hears Don Martin held no ill will toward ‘Scud Stud'”Its continued availability and the potential for it to be viewed online until November 2012 caused significant ongoing stress to Mr. Kent cheap canada goose,” wrote Strekaf in her 60 page decision.”He suffered substantial distress and damage as a result of the defamatory factual statements in the article that were not saved by the defences of justification or responsible communications on matters of public interest.”Kent who was nicknamed the “Scud Stud” for his reporting for the American network NBC during the Persian Gulf War has waged a prolonged lawsuit against Don Martin, Postmedia and the National Post over an article written during his bid for a seat as a Progressive Conservative in the 2008 Alberta election.Then National Post columnist Martin wrote an article about Kent’s campaign in the riding of Calgary Currie. In the column, he referred to Kent as the “Scud Dud.”‘Truth still matters'”I’m feeling a measure of vindication,” Kent told reporters after the decision was handed down in Calgary Wednesday.”Truth still matters in journalism and isn’t that good news.”He said balance also matters, even on the internet.Kent said Canadians should feel comforted that if someone publishes something that affects their reputation, and it’s untrue, they have options if the publication refuses to address the situation for years even after being contacted.He also thinks it’s a win for reporters.”No genuine journalist will be anything but reassured and encouraged by this court decision,” he said.No chance to respond, finds judgeKent’s statements of claim say he was described in the column as having an oversized ego and an unorganized and incompetent campaign. canada goose outlet

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